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The Lincoln & Welland Regiment Foundation was incorporated on 12th August 1980 as a “not for profit” corporation under the laws of Ontario with federally granted charitable status. It provides financial support to the Regiment, the Regimental Museum, the Regimental Band as well as undertaking certain projects on its own, such as the publication of the regimental history by Geoffrey Hayes.

Lieutenant Colonel WA Smy, the Commanding Officer from 1979 to 1983 instituted a committee under the leadership of Major JC Finlayson to establish the By-laws of the Foundation, its incorporation and charitable status. While the committee deliberated, the first contribution was made by the Regular Force Administrative Assistant, Warrant Officer Jim Corcoran ($500), which was held in trust in the regimental accounts. The Atkinson Foundation (The Toronto Star) advised all infantry regiments that it was willing to contribute $5,000 to any unit with charitable status. 
The ownership of all Regimental memorabilia, artifacts in the collections of the Regimental Museum and property in the various Messes, has been vested in the Foundation, although many items remain in the Messes, e.g. the Colours remain in the Officers’ mess and the RSM’s sword in the Sergeants’ and Warrant Officers’ Mess. The Foundation maintains an inventory of the holdings.

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The Lincoln and Welland Regiment Foundation was incorporated with the mandate to:
“To receive and maintain properties and funds and to apply the income thereof for the purposes of the efficiency, welfare and well being of The Lincoln and Welland Regiment or the members thereof.”

Through the generosity of the Foundation, the Museum was able to relocate from Niagara Falls Armoury to Butler’s Barracks and officially open on 27 May 2000. Donations to the Foundation are welcome. All donors will receive a tax receipt. The Foundation does not make its contributor list available to other organizations.

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