How to Write a Better Essay

How to Write a Better Essay

Students have performed differently in various colleges and schools. The general performance specifically in the essay area has not been constant. This is due to the common way of writing essay among students. A good essay is an essay that contains the entire needed component that build up the essay. These components are a well fed introduction, the body which consists of valid points and the last bit is the conclusion. However these steps seem common but you can spice up your essay to be better than the rest by following the simple steps.

Pick a Topic

Topics and headings are important in an essay. The topic is the headline of what and how your essay will appear. If in case you have been provided with the topic, you need to make sure you stick to the topic.

Make an Outline

An outline simply helps to show the flow ideas. It is a diagram that consists of how your essay will appear. Outline usually starts with the introduction. When finalizing, create thesis statement. Is then followed by body then the last bit is the conclusion part.

Write an Introduction

Introduction is the first paragraph of any essay. Creating an introduction that has all the components helps you get more marks. Under the introduction, you need to have the hook. Well-structured hook makes the reader yarn to read more. Then the thesis statements need to be well formulated.

Write the Content

The content is the body of the essay. Main points are first discussed in the first sentences as the supporting sentence provides evidence and good explanation. The body should be filled with relevant quotes, phrases, as well as good discussion of certain points. For you to write a better essay, you need to follow the requirements of the essay very well.

The last paragraph is the conclusion. The conclusion paragraph will handle the summary part of it. Whatever has been discussed in the body, it is well summarized without introducing any foreign information.


In order for you to write a better essay, you need to make sure that the introduction, body and the conclusion are well handled. Having a hook, thesis, main points and supportive points will make the reader give you marks.

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