New Museum Project

For nearly a decade and a half, The Lincoln and Welland Regiment Museum (LWRM) have operated in the Butler’s Barracks National Historic Site of Parks Canada in Niagara-on-the-Lake under a licence agreement. This has been a very synergistic and successful relationship for both organizations as we share many of the same strategic goals and presentation of key historical messages.

Our library, artifact, archival and military vehicle collections have outgrown the space limitations of Butler’s Barracks. Moreover, the environmental conditions within Butler’s Barracks are not conductive to the proper storage and display of artifacts in compliance with commonly accepted museum environmental standards.

The Niagara Military Heritage Centre, future home of The Lincoln and Welland Regiment Museum, would strengthen the public’s knowledge of Niagara’s military heritage and the contributions of its citizen soldiers. The scope of educational and public programs would include exhibits and working demonstrations, seasonal and special community events, historical lectures and symposiums and programs for school groups.

The Lincoln and Welland Regiment trace its roots to Butler’s Rangers in 1777 and the settlement of Niagara in the 1780’s. With the reorganization of Upper Canada in 1792, Regiments of Lincoln Militia were established and since then have been an integral part of the community. The Lincoln Militia took to the field in all of the major engagements in Niagara during the War of 1812. The current Regiment perpetuates these five Regiments of Lincoln Militia as well as the Battalion of Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada and Captain Runchey’s Coloured Corps. Since then, the Regiment has participated in pivotal and seminal events of the 19th and 20th centuries locally, nationally and abroad bringing honour and distinction to the citizens of Niagara and indeed, all of Canada.

Details on future announcements to come.